What is the MPCC?

The Melbourne Playing Card Collectors Inc. (MPCC) is a not-for-profit organisation for the collectors of playing cards, comprising over 100 members in Australia and overseas.

We do not 'play' cards [i.e. Bridge, Poker or Whist] we collect single cards and decks for the designs and art work on them.

MPCC is managed totally by volunteers and has affiliations with other playing card collector groups worldwide.

Our objects are to
- promote the collection of playing cards and associated articles as a hobby.
- promote social contact between members for the greater enjoyment of their hobby.
- engage in other activities designed to stimulate and maintain interest in the history and    hobby of collecting playing cards.

- will admit as a member any person interested in collecting playing cards and willing to    abide by the Club Constitution & Rules.
- communicates with its members by 6 Newsletters per year, monthly meetings and our web    site.
- is concerned with
*       the preservation and authentication of all playing cards,
*       the retention of historic collections of playing cards,
*       cataloguing [in various forms] to assist collectors classify their own cards,
*       maintenance of a library of historical books about cards and their origins, catalogues          of collections from around the world, and catalogues for members use, and
*       providing a forum for displays of interesting and unusual cards from members.          collections for the enlightenment and pleasure of other collectors.

If you know of a collector who is not a member of the Melbourne Playing Card Collectors Inc. .
1.       We would like to know about them, &
2.       Please tell them about us and invite them to a meeting.

We -
- buy new cards for sale to members,
- buy collections of single cards or decks,
- gratefully accept donations of cards.

Some examples of cards collected by our members.

Some of our cards.
Next Meeting:

Saturday July 5th

Alkira Centre
3 Thurston St
Box Hill 3128

Melway Reference:
47 C10

Visitors are charged $5 entry per meeting.
This is to cover MPCC costs such as afternoon tea and insurances for your visit.