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Card collectors and card-collecting communities wishing to create a link on their website pointing to the MPCC, or to have their website listed here, please contact the Webmaster.

Collector Groups

•   MPCC on Facebook

The MPCC Facebook page.

•   Chicago Playing Card Collectors, Inc.

Today, the MPCC stands as it's own club, but was originally formed as a chapter of the Chicago playing card club. Formed in 1951, CPCC is still going strong, servicing members all over the world and holding annual conventions in various parts of the United States as well as their own general meetings.

•   Australian Playing Card Collectors' Society, Inc.

Formed in 1980, APCCS meets in Caulfield, and holds general meetings and fairs regularly throughout the year.

•   The International Playing-Card Society

The International Playing-Card Society was founded in 1972 to bring together people, in a variety of countries, who have a common interest in the collecting of playing cards and card games, with the object of sharing research and knowledge.

Individual Collectors

•   DXPO Playing Cards

Joop Muller and Miriam van Houten have created a fascinating website showcasing their own vast collections and selling cards via Ebay.

•   Playing Cards of the World

One of our members, Ray Nilsson, has created his own webpage as an "Unofficial Reference for Collectors of relatively modern Advertising Playing Cards". While still a work in progress, so far the site looks great!

•   Holland-America Line cards by Tieman Spits

Tieman Spits is a collecter from the USA of Holland-American Line shipping cards. He welcomes people to his website and if you have a card or deck that you do not see on the site would welcome either a good quality scan for his site or an opportunity to purchase/trade the actual card or deck.

•   Jelle Playing Cards

Jelle Sietsma has been collecting playing cards for 40 years. Her collection ranges from Dutch jokers, to Coca Cola, to Shell Oil, to OLA (Streets in this country). Her website features sections of cards she has to swap and cards she knows she needs and would love to hear from those willing to swap!

Next Meeting:

Saturday July 5th

Alkira Centre
3 Thurston St
Box Hill 3128

Melways Reference: 47 C10

Visitors are charged $5 entry per meeting.
This is to cover MPCC costs such as afternoon tea and insurances for your visit.