PLEASE - Remember the Rules -

♠ Children must be of high school age to attend.

♥ PLEASE! Remember to wash and dry your own cup and saucer.

◊ Don't forget to sign out, in the Attendance book when you leave the building -- our attendance book is also our Fire Register, an Occupational Health & Safety requirement.

♣ If you bring cards for sale or cards from your collection you must take responsibility for your own property.

Fees for 2014

All subscriptions are due at the April Annual General Meeting

Adult Subscriptions - $30 per year
Secondary Student Subscriptions - $10 per year

Next Meeting:

Saturday July 5th

Alkira Centre
3 Thurston St
Box Hill 3128

Melways Reference: 47 C10

Visitors are charged $5 entry per meeting.
This is to cover MPCC costs such as afternoon tea and insurances for your visit.